I'm a Venezuelan artist graduated in Dominican Republic from Altos de Chavon School of design as a visual artist. I make traditional and digital illustration with a big variety of tools and materials. My inspiration comes from all the things that i think need to be changed in society, like the overwhelming excess of technology, animal abuse, deforestation, ocean contamination and other damages caused by humankind. My work serve as a social critic or a cathartic release through visual language.
My goal to achive in the brand is to use fashion as a communication channel, in which we can transmit a deep message, a powerfull thought or some form of idea that make people think.
We live in a world full of superciality... deep thinking appears to be a thing of the past... we can reverse that and changed it with art, That's the rol of an artist, to put a thought inside peoples head and make an intelligent society who cares about the important things happening in the world.
Loving Memory


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